6 Styling Tips For Your Fresh Cut Flowers!


So you’re going to bring the flowers you bought at the grocery store or florist home. Now what? Many people just put them in a vase of water and leave it at that. Sometimes that works, but if you want to look like a pro, here are some simple tips for styling your fresh-cut flower.

1) Put your greens in a clean vase.

Trim the ends of the greens to the length you want, and then start crisscrossing the stems inside the vase so that there are stems all around. This is because of two things. One reason is that you now have a place to put the flowers, and another is that crisscrossing the stems makes it easier to place the flowers.

2) If you are making a small, low arrangement, slide the flowers in so that the stems are all around the inside of the vase.

You should now have a vase with a ring of flowers around the outside and nothing but stems in the middle. (If you put more stems in the vase, it will be easier for the flowers to stay put!) Each time you add more flowers, the rows will get taller until you have a nice round arrangement.

3) Use a tall, thin vase if you want to make a tall arrangement.

Your flowers will last longer and look better because of this. Gladiolas, blue delphinium, lilies, snapdragons, etc., are all great flowers to use. Sometimes you can find tall tulips, which also look great.

4) One design mistake I see a lot is when the flowers in a vase are all lined up perfectly.

This doesn’t work because it just doesn’t look right. If you look at any garden, you’ll see that some of the flowers are sticking out while others are tucked in. Some are almost hidden, but they still add to the look of the garden as a whole. You can’t go wrong if you copy nature. Don’t be afraid to hide a few of those flowers.

5) It’s a good rule of thumb to use flowers in odd numbers

What I mean is to use three or five roses together. Even numbers don’t work as well. If you have five roses, for example, put three of them together near the bottom centre of the vase at slightly different lengths. Then put two more roses higher up.

6) If you are really new to floral design, the next best tip I can give you is to collect pictures of flower arrangements you like.

Then, use the tips I’ve already given you and practice while looking at the pictures. You’ll look like a pro before you know it!

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