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Welcome to Crafts Unleashed. Our goal with this Crafts Unleashed is to spark your creativity and inspire you to create crafts that you love and are proud of. With our easy-to-follow step-by-step craft tutorials, we strive to make crafting approachable and fun. We enjoy presenting our readers with new and exciting ideas, current crafting trends, and quality projects.

From jewelry making to paper crafting to home décor, we have a little something for everyone. With our extremely talented and diverse design team, we keep things fresh, fun, and exciting. Not only do we have a broad range of crafting categories, but we also have projects for all skill levels.

Craft Basics: Ideas and Inspiration

Looking for craft ideas and inspiration? You’ve come to the right place. Browse all our projects below for craft basics inspiration for all levels of crafting. Click on any project image below for detailed instructions and tips.

Arts and Crafts Ideas and Projects

We have arts and crafts ideas and projects for everyone, from beginners to more experienced crafters. View our art projects for inspiration, and click the images for detailed instructions.

Cake Crafts and Candy Crafts

Crafting is always fun, but crafts you can eat?? Even better! We’ve got the food craft ideas your family and friends are sure to love and savor. They’re great for parties, a rainy day spent in the kitchen, or even hostess gifts. View our cake crafts and candy crafts below for more inspiration, and click on the images for detailed instructions.

Clay Crafts and Clay Jewelry Making

Getting your hands dirty and creating your own clay crafts is always a fun time! Clay is easy to work with and doesn’t require a steep learning curve: if you don’t love it, you can always try again before baking it. Browse all our clay projects below, including some pretty great clay jewelry-making projects. Click on the images for detailed instructions, supply lists, and more.

Fabric Crafts

Looking for fun fabric craft ideas to put your sewing machine to good use? Browse our projects below for unique fabric crafts that are fun and easy – and not all require sewing! Click on the projected image for detailed instructions, supply lists, tips, and more.

Wood Crafts

Whether you’re just starting out with crafting or more experienced, we have wood craft ideas for you! We have the perfect wood crafts for everything from home décor to planters and even great gift ideas. Browse all our DIY wood crafts below to find the one to suit you. Click on any project image for detailed instructions, tips and supply lists.

Yarn Crafts and Projects

Yarn crafts don’t have to be limited to knitting. There is a whole wide world of fun, unique yarn projects that you can create – some that don’t even require needles! Browse all of our latest yarn craft ideas below for inspiration, and click on project images for detailed instructions.

Paper Craft Ideas and More

Looking for inspiration and unique scrapbooking ideas, how-to’s, tips, and more? Crafts Unleashed, and our team of crafting experts can help. Browse our variety of projects, scrapbooking, and paper craft ideas below to find inspiration for your memory album or scrapbook. Find one you love? Click on any project image for detailed instructions and more.

Scrapbooking Ideas, Projects, and Inspiration

You’ve made memories and taken countless pictures of special occasions and everyday activities, perfect for a scrapbook or memory album. But where to start? Browse our scrapbooking ideas and projects below, and you’ll find all the inspiration you need. Click on project images for detailed instructions.

3D Paper Projects and Paper Craft Ideas

3D paper projects are fun, more affordable, and easier than you would think. They’re the perfect solution to create something beautiful from leftover scrapbooking paper. Scroll below for a variety of paper craft ideas, sure to inspire your next project. Click on any project image for detailed instructions and paper crafting tips.

Card Making Ideas and Card Crafts

There’s nothing quite like gifting handmade crafts, topped off with a personalized, handmade card. Card making is a fun and easy craft project, and we have all the card crafts inspiration you need, plus card-making techniques and tips. Browse all our card crafts below to find the perfect project for your needs, and don’t forget to click on any project image for detailed instructions, including supply lists.

Kids Craft Ideas, Activities, and More

Crafts Unleashed has a wide variety of kid’s craft ideas for creative playtime, easy kid’s crafts for rainy days, gifts, and more. Browse all our projects for inspiration, and be sure to click on any project image for detailed instructions.

Back to School Crafts

When the summer begins to wind down, and the cooler temperatures come in, we can only think of one thing: school time! Late summer and early fall are the perfect time for back-to-school crafts and, if you have a young one going to school, gifts for their new teachers. Browse all our ideas below for teacher gift ideas, back-to-school crafts, and more. Click on any image for details, instructions, and supply lists.

Whether you’re a beginner or crafting expert, we’re sure you will find plenty of DIY inspiration throughout Craft Unleashed! To get your daily dose of crafty inspiration sent right to your inbox, make sure to enter your email address in the teal subscription box at the top right side of the page.

Go ahead, unleash your craft!

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