Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad How To Use

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Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad How To Use

Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad is a unique breastfeeding accessory that is designed to help moms relieve stress and discomfort in the breasts while breastfeeding. The product is a simple, soft, and flexible pad that can be placed over the breasts to provide heat and comfort. Here is a guide on how to use the Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad.

The first step is to review the instructions that come with the product. It is important to read the instructions to ensure that the product is used correctly and safely. After reading the instructions, the next step is to prepare the Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad for use. To do this, simply unpack the product and remove any packaging materials.

Next, the pad should be placed on the breast in the desired area. It is important to make sure that the pad is not placed directly on the nipple or any other sensitive areas of the breast. Then, the pad should be secured around the breast with the hook and loop fasteners. The pad should fit snugly, but not too tightly, around the breast.

Once the pad is securely in place, it is time to turn on the heating element. The pad is designed to be used with a low-temperature setting and must never be heated above the recommended temperature. The heating element can be adjusted to the desired temperature and will remain on until the pad is turned off. After the desired heat is reached, the pad should be used for 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

When the session is finished, the Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad should be turned off and removed from the breast. It is important to allow the pad to cool down before touching it or putting it away. After the pad has cooled down, it should be stored in a clean and dry place.

Using the Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad is a simple and easy way to provide comfort and relief to the breasts while breastfeeding. To ensure the product is used safely and effectively, it is important to always review the instructions that come with the product before using it. With proper use, the Frida Mom Breast Heating Pad can be a great tool for a comfortable and stress-free breastfeeding experience.


Hey guys today's video is part 2 of the last video I posted about how I had a clogged milk duct. I did a few things here at home that I feel helped me so much. I hope this is helpful for one of you if you are going through this painful situation. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching. Xoxo, Jess #BreastfeedingIssues #CloggedDuct #NursingMom

Use before or after nursing and while pumping to milk it for all it’s worth. They instantly heat in three seconds (no microwave needed), last up to 20 minutes for each. For Engorgement, help slow the flow when weaning or overproducing with cabbage, jasmine + sage. For Lactation, support milk production during a dry spell with fenugreek + fennel..

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