How To Apply Graphite To Pinewood Derby Car

How To Apply Graphite To Pinewood Derby Car? 20K views 3 years ago Max-V-Lube dry graphite is a proprietary blend of high-purity natural flake graphite for pinewood derby cars. After extensive testing against. How to Apply Pinewood Derby Graphite Break In Derby Dust® Dry Lube Application – Derby Dust DerbyDust 963 subscribers Subscribe Like Share 29K views 9. How to apply NyOil. Simply apply one drop to a pipe cleaner and insert into the wheel bore to lube the inside of the wheel. Rub off excess oil on your axles. Next, put only one drop.

How To Apply Graphite To Pinewood Derby Car

Whether you are a veteran of Pinewood Derby races or a first-time car builder, you may be wondering how to apply graphite to your Pinewood Derby car. Graphite is a powdery substance that is used to reduce friction between the car and the track and can help you win races. The good news is, applying graphite to your car is simple and easy. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Prepare the surface. Before applying the graphite, you will need to prepare the car’s surface for the powdery substance. This can easily be done by sanding down the surface of the car with a fine grit sandpaper. Make sure you cover all the surfaces that may come into contact with the track, including the axles, wheels, and bottom of the car. Once the surface is sanded, you can move on to the next step.

Apply the graphite. Once the car is prepped, you can begin applying the graphite to the car. Start with a small container of graphite powder and pour a small amount onto a piece of paper. Take a clean, dry paintbrush and dip it into the graphite. Make sure to cover the brush completely with the powder. Then, begin brushing the graphite onto all the surfaces of the car that will come into contact with the track. Make sure to cover all the surfaces evenly and do not use too much graphite, as this may make the car too fast and it may not be allowed in the race. When you are finished applying the graphite, you can move on to the next step.

Clean off the excess graphite. Once the graphite is applied to the car, you will need to clean off any excess powder. This can be done by using a damp cloth or paper towel and wiping away any excess graphite. Make sure to get all the surfaces of the car and then let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Test the car. Before taking your car to the race, it is important to test it out. You can do this by placing the car on a flat surface and seeing how it runs. If it is too slow, you can try adding more graphite to the surface. If it is too fast, you can try removing some of the graphite from the car. Once you find the perfect balance, you can move on to the race.

By following these simple steps, you will be able to apply graphite to your Pinewood Derby car and have it ready for the race in no time. Just make sure to test the car before taking it to the race and adjust the graphite accordingly. Good luck and may the best car win!

How to Add Graphite to your PineWood Derby Car

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