How to Avoid College Drinking Lifestyle

College is an exciting, unpredictable and hectic time. It is full of new responsibilities and experiences. One of the biggest shockers of college life for new freshmen is the sudden power of personal freedom. For the first time in their lives, they are faced with making their own decisions in every aspect of their lives.

With no one to answer to but themselves, students often go overboard in the entertainment and social life options. This is also due to the unfamiliarity with the college class schedule. While in high school, classes convened every day, in college, you may have a full class schedule for three days and only one class a day for the next two. This breeds procrastination.

The college social scene sometimes has a lot of drinking involved, and this can sabotage even the most astute student. Fortunately, there are some tips that can help students to keep from getting caught up in the drinking lifestyle.

1. Be the designated driver

Everyone loves the designated driver. You’re making it possible for your friends to have a great time, and you are still able to get in on the fun. Besides keeping others out of trouble, you are the one who remembers everything the next day!

2. Limit yourself

Set very firm limits for yourself and stick to them. Only allow yourself to go out drinking once a month and limit yourself to only three drinks a night. Find the limits that work for you and put them in place right away. Others around you will see how well it works for you and adopt a style of their own.

3. Keep your eyes on your goal

One D.U.I charge it will affect a person’s entire life for years. It’s expensive, and it takes up valuable study time while you are in jail, and most colleges exact their own penalties for such criminal charges. It could end up being the one mistake that changes your entire life.

4. Get involved in alternate activities

If you do find yourself in a semester with a lot of downtimes, get involved with activities that are fun but don’t involve drinking. Check out academic clubs that have their own activities. Try one of the various student groups and organizations that center around religion or personal interests.

5. Surround yourself with non-drinkers

Once you’ve reached your drinking limit for the week or month, stay away from the drinking crowd. Surround yourself with non-drinkers. Have dinner with them, watch TV and study with them. Spend your free time with people who don’t drink, and it won’t ever be an issue.

Drinking is an inevitable part of college life, but it doesn’t have to be part of yours. Keep in mind why you are in college and what your life goals are. Don’t let peer pressure or boredom sabotage your life before it has a chance to begin.

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