How To Beat Walker In Breakpoint

How To Beat Walker In Breakpoint? TOM CLANCY'S GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT…This is what i found the most easy way to kill walker under 2 mins with minimum character damage..So when the mission spawns you inside the warehouse,just… Finally beat Walker when he got stuck somewhere and shot the drones from behind corner and then him. The proper way to do it? Idk if there even is such a thing. 1 Zealousideal_End4982 • 9 mo. ago You just kill the drones. Must be my 10th go before i. Walker is meant for the final mission given to you by skel after chasing after Mr.Fox and doing one final mission involving a ex teammate however I've killed him after the cutscene using Grenade launchers and rocket launchers (By cutscene i mean after watching. Accepted Answer Its pretty easy if you're playing with friends.. anyways i defeated him solo first when u enter the building in which Walker is you will see some wolf soldiers in the room take…

How To Beat Walker In Breakpoint

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a popular action-adventure video game released for both PC and console in late 2019. Players take the role of an elite special operations soldier, who is tasked with infiltrating a fictional island called Auroa. One of the main antagonists in the game is a former Ghost Recon soldier named “Walker”. In this article, we will discuss how to beat Walker in Breakpoint.

The first step in beating Walker is to identify his weaknesses. Walker is equipped with a tactical drone that can detect the player’s location and fire missiles at them. He also has a machine gun and a powerful shield that can absorb a lot of damage. Additionally, Walker can call in reinforcements to assist him in battle.

The second step is to prepare for battle. Players should make sure their character is properly equipped with the right weapons, armor, and gadgets. Players should also make sure they have enough ammunition and healing items (such as medkits) on hand. Additionally, players should familiarize themselves with the terrain and the layout of the area they are fighting in.

Thirdly, players should focus on attacking Walker’s weaknesses. Players should focus on attacking the drone first, as this will disable Walker’s ability to detect the player’s location. Players can then focus on breaking through Walker’s shield by using powerful weapons. Once the shield is down, players should focus on taking out Walker’s machine gun and then taking him out with their own weapons.

The fourth step is to use cover whenever possible. Players should make sure to stay behind cover and move around to avoid Walker’s attacks. Additionally, players should use powerful gadgets such as EMPs to disable Walker’s drone and other weapons. Using these tactics, players can gain the upper hand and eventually take Walker down.

Finally, players should remember to stay alert and be prepared for anything. Walker is a powerful opponent, and players should be prepared for whatever he throws at them. Players should also remember to use their gadgets and other tactics to gain an advantage in battle. By following these tips, players should be able to beat Walker in Breakpoint and complete the game.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – How to kill Walker

If you don't cheat the system and kill him in the beginning then you'll have to go to Camp Howard in the Sinking Country Area. Once you defeat everyone including the Behemoth. You will enter a room to kill Walker. Run left up the stairs as i do in the video. Then kill all the guards with a gun ( I recommend using a LMG). Once you have finished those guys off start aiming for the eye of the drone and you will basically instantly kill them….

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