How To Change Spy Goggle Lenses

How To Change Spy Goggle Lenses? Replacement lenses for the Spy Optics' Marauder snow goggle. If further assistance is needed choosing the right lens for your every day needs, give us a call at 1-800-PRO. The Quick Draw lens change system puts the midsize Ace at the top of the deck. In volatile conditions, easily slot the free bonus lens into place and quickly return to action. Spy Legacy Lens. Direct fit OEM lenses for the Legacy's Fingerprint-free Lock Steady 2.0 quick change lens system. All Spy Optics lenses offer 100% UV protection from harmful.

How To Change Spy Goggle Lenses

Changing the lenses on your spy goggles is an important task since it helps ensure your vision remains as clear as possible. Fortunately, it is also a relatively easy task that can be done with minimal effort. To ensure the lenses are changed correctly and safely, it is important to follow the steps outlined below.

Before you start the process of changing the lenses, it is important to have the right tools. You will need a flathead screwdriver and a pair of needle-nose pliers. Having these tools on hand will make the job much easier and will help ensure the lenses are removed and replaced correctly.

Once you have the tools you need, it is time to start the process. The first step is to remove the screws that hold the lenses in place. Use the flathead screwdriver to carefully remove the screws and set them aside in a safe place. Once the screws are removed, use the needle-nose pliers to gently remove the lenses from the frame.

Now that the lenses have been removed, it is time to install the new lenses. To do this, place the new lenses into the frame and use the needle-nose pliers to secure them in place. Once the lenses are secure, use the flathead screwdriver to replace the screws that were removed earlier. Make sure to tighten the screws firmly, but not too tightly, to ensure the lenses are securely held in place.

The final step is to inspect the lenses to make sure they are properly installed. Look for any signs of warping or damage to the lenses and make sure the screws are securely fastened. If everything looks good, you are now ready to enjoy your new and improved spy goggles.

In conclusion, changing the lenses on your spy goggles is a relatively simple task that can be completed with minimal effort. All you need is a pair of needle-nose pliers and a flathead screwdriver. Once the tools are gathered, you can remove the old lenses and install the new ones. Lastly, make sure to inspect the lenses and the screws to ensure they are properly installed and secured. With this guide, you can now easily and safely change the lenses on your spy goggles.

How to Change SPY Woot Lenses | SportRx

Rob from SportRx shows how to change the lens on the Spy Woot snow goggle. Even though the Woot doesn't have a quick lens change system like many goggles do, it does come with an extra lens and you can change the lenses yourself. Like Rob says, just rip it out and get it back in! For more info: Spy Woot snow goggle: All Spy goggles: More goggle…

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