How To Do Keeley Jones Hair

How To Do Keeley Jones Hair? Temple’s Keeley has perhaps the most eccentric style on the show. Bold eyeshadow colors, eye-catching hair accessories and statement jewelry pieces are just. Played by Juno Temple, Keeley is a football girlfriend who reveals incredible depths— while still wearing sequins and extensions like a pro. It’s just a few days after. Keeley is hands-down the most fashionable character on Ted Lasso, and any of her looks could easily provide costume inspiration. Her quirky sense of style is.

How To Do Keeley Jones Hair

Keeley Jones is a well-known celebrity with an instantly recognizable hairstyle. Her hair is a blend of long, layered locks with a unique touch of volume and texture. If you’re looking to achieve Keeley Jones’s hair look, here are some tips to help you achieve it.

First, start with freshly washed hair. You want to make sure that your hair is as clean as possible before you start styling. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that will work well with your hair type, and make sure to use a heat protectant before you start blow drying.

Second, use a large round brush and blow dryer to add volume and texture to your hair. Start at the root and blow dry your hair in the opposite direction that it grows to add maximum lift and volume. When blow drying, make sure to keep the dryer moving around in a circular motion to create a more natural-looking finish.

Third, create some curls in your hair. This is the key to achieving Keeley Jones’s signature look. Take small sections of your hair and wrap it around a curling iron in the opposite direction you blow dried it to create loose and soft curls. Make sure to keep the curls at the top of your hair for maximum volume.

Fourth, add some finishing touches to your hair. Use a volumizing spray to give your hair some extra lift and texture. For extra shine and definition, apply a shine serum to the ends of your hair.

Finally, use some hairspray to keep your look in place. Once you’ve achieved the desired look, spray your hair lightly with a flexible hold hairspray to keep your curls and volume in place.

Now that you’ve learned how to do Keeley Jones hair, you can achieve the same look in no time. Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to turn heads with your new hairstyle.

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