How To Do The Lapis Diamond Trick

How To Do The Lapis Diamond Trick? Conclusions. The Lapis-Diamond trick is a great way to find plenty of Diamonds without having to strip mine, something that players usually don't love (to say.

How To Do The Lapis Diamond Trick

The Lapis Diamond Trick is a classic magic trick that has been performed for decades. It involves a magician taking a simple piece of paper and transforming it into a diamond. The trick is considered to be easy to learn, yet very impressive to watch. If you’re looking to add this trick to your repertoire, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

First, you will need to get a piece of paper. The size of the paper can vary — the larger the paper, the more impressive the trick will look. You can also use colored paper if you wish, although it is not necessary.

Next, fold the paper in half, and then fold it in half again. This will create four equal parts. Now, fold the four equal parts into a triangle shape, with each corner meeting in the middle. The paper should now be in the shape of a diamond.

Now, take the top corner of the diamond and fold it towards the center. Do the same for the bottom corner. This will create a small triangle in the middle of the diamond. Take the left and right corners and fold them towards the center. This will create a small square in the middle of the diamond.

Now it’s time to start the trick. Take the small triangle in the middle of the diamond and fold it in half. This will cause the diamond to look like it has disappeared. Place the paper on the table and ask your audience to guess what happened to the diamond. When they guess right, unfold the paper to show them the diamond has magically reappeared.

Finally, you can add a flourish to the trick by unfolding the diamond and folding it back into a triangle. This will make the trick even more impressive and memorable.

With a few simple steps, you can now perform the Lapis Diamond Trick and wow your audience. Make sure to practice the trick a few times before performing it in front of your audience. Once you are comfortable with the trick, you can start to add your own unique style and flourishes to it. Good luck!

How to find diamonds using lapis! (1.17/1.16)

I used this on a server recently and became the richest person on the server, so it's definitely legit if you don't have a good river or swamp to use. Thank you for watching, I hope you found this useful! My discord: My twitch: Mathew Bolan: (who knows a lot more about this)

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