How To Earn The Eagle Eye Medal In Cod Mobile

How To Earn The Eagle Eye Medal In Cod Mobile? Earning the eagle eye medal is quite difficult for beginners or new players. Because for earning the eagle eye medal, all you to need to do is kill an enemy that is. HOW TO EARN THE EAGLE EYE MEDAL ONCE IN BR MATCHES- COD MOBILE 10,172 views Nov 17, 2021 #codm #callofdutymobile …more …more 81 Dislike. Call Of Duty Mobile Earn the Eagle Eye Medal once in BR Matches Task Complete My Gaming 26.3K subscribers Dislike 34,654 views Nov 18, 2021 Call of Duty:. Earn the Eagle Eye Medal once in BR Matches Call of Duty Mobile | CODM 1,027 views Premiered Nov 17, 2021 11 Dislike Share Save STC GAMING 5.95K subscribers.

How To Earn The Eagle Eye Medal In Cod Mobile

The Eagle Eye Medal is one of the most prestigious awards in Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM). Earning this award requires you to reach the highest levels of excellence, as it is awarded for accuracy and precision. If you’re looking to earn the Eagle Eye Medal, here are some tips and tricks to help you out.

First of all, it’s important to understand the criteria for receiving the Eagle Eye Medal. In order to earn the medal, you must achieve at least a 50% accuracy rating, have an average damage per round of more than 75, and have at least 10 kills. You must also have a minimum of five headshots in a single match.

The best way to earn the Eagle Eye Medal is to practice and hone your shooting skills. Make sure you understand your weapon and the recoil pattern, and practice shooting at various distances and angles. Try to get as many headshots as possible, as they will help you meet the criteria for the medal. You should also focus on aiming carefully and accurately, and try to avoid spraying your shots or missing them altogether.

Another important factor is the type of game mode you are playing. Some game modes, such as Search and Destroy, require more precision than others. If you’re playing a game mode that requires accuracy and precision, it is important to use the right weapons and attachments that will help you achieve that. For example, using a low-recoil gun with an extended magazine or a red dot sight will make it easier for you to hit your targets.

Finally, you should also consider playing with a team. Working together with your teammates can help you improve your accuracy and precision. It’s also important to communicate with your team and coordinate your strategies. This will give you an advantage when it comes to eliminating your opponents and achieving higher scores.

If you want to earn the Eagle Eye Medal, it’s important to practice and hone your shooting skills. Use the right weapons and attachments, and work together with your teammates. With dedication and hard work, you can reach the highest levels of excellence and earn the Eagle Eye Medal.

How to Earn the EAGLE EYE Medal in BR Ranked Matches #CoDMobile_Partner

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Eagle Eye medal can be unlocked on COD Mobile by getting a kill in Battle Royale mode from 75 meters or more away, with a weapon that does not have a scope..

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