How To Finish An 80 Lower

How To Finish An 80 Lower? Now that you have assembled your 80% lower receiver, use the Dremel to create a nice finish. Once that is done, you have finished your 80% lower. Here at Thunder Tactical, we.

How To Finish An 80 Lower

Finishing an 80 lower is a popular project among gunsmiths and firearm enthusiasts. This type of project requires precision and patience, and it can be a rewarding experience when completed correctly. Here’s how you can finish an 80 lower.

First, you need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools and supplies you need for the job. This includes a drill press, drill bits, a jig, a router, end mill bits, a buffer, and of course, your 80 lower. Once you’ve gathered everything you need, the next step is to set up your workspace.

You’ll need a flat, level surface to work on. Make sure that you have ample lighting and room to move around. It’s also important to have a vise or clamp to keep your 80 lower in place. The last thing you want is for your lower to move while you’re drilling or milling.

When you’re ready to begin, use your drill press to drill out the necessary holes in the lower. You’ll want to refer to the instructions that came with your jig to determine the exact locations and depths of the holes. Once all the holes have been drilled, use your router to cut out the trigger and hammer slots. Again, refer to the instructions for the exact measurements.

Now it’s time for the milling process. Use the end mill bit to cut out the pockets for the trigger and hammer. This is a precise job, so take your time and try to keep everything even. Once the pockets have been milled out, you should test fit the trigger and hammer to make sure everything fits correctly.

Next, use the buffer to smooth out any rough edges. This will help make sure the lower has a nice, even finish. Once the buffer has done its job, you’re ready to assemble the rest of the parts. You should refer to the instructions that came with your lower to make sure everything is put together correctly.

Now you’re ready to finish up your 80 lower. Use a solvent to clean the lower and remove any debris. Once the lower is clean, you can apply a finish to protect it. Many gunsmiths like to use a ceramic coating or other type of paint to give the lower a nice, smooth finish. You can also use a gun oil to protect the metal parts of the lower.

By following these steps, you can easily finish an 80 lower. It’s a complex job, but it’s also a rewarding experience. With the right tools and supplies, you can have a finished lower that’s ready to assemble into a complete firearm.

Finishing An 80% Lower With Aluminum Black

In this video we Noah will be showing you how to finish an 80% lower with aluminum black after milling. @NorthForkTactical

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