How To Get Rid Of Elegua

How To Get Rid Of Elegua? To get rid of the bad and open paths, those candies, fruits or sweets have already absorbed the energy of the small and giant Elegguá, they have their Ashé and power, therefore. Elegua Altar: Since he is considered a traveling deity, the best place for his altar and offerings is near the doorway, or nearby entrances/exits to a household. Elegua. Elegua-God of Crossroads. June 6, 2020. Greetings again! It’s Jeff with another How-To blog entry. Elegua, is an Orisha from the Caribbean, and originally came.

How To Get Rid Of Elegua

Elegua is an Afro-Caribbean deity that is used in Santeria, a combination of African and Roman Catholic religious practices. The deity is known as the guardian of crossroads, doorways, and passages. As the deity of transitions, it is believed that Elegua can bring both good and bad luck. If you are looking to get rid of Elegua, there are a few steps you can take to do so.

The first step to getting rid of Elegua is to understand why the deity has been brought into your home or life. Some people choose to do this as a form of protection, while others bring in the deity for luck or to help with a transition. Once you understand why you have brought the deity into your life, you can begin to take steps towards getting rid of Elegua.

The next step is to perform a cleansing ritual. It is important to cleanse your space and yourself of any negative energy or influence. This can be done by burning incense or sage, smudging, or using salt water. You can also perform a spiritual bath with herbs such as lavender or rosemary. This will help to banish any negative energy or influences in your life.

Once the cleansing ritual is complete, you can begin to take further steps to get rid of Elegua. One way to do this is to create a sacred space in your home. This can be done by placing items in the space that represent your spiritual path. Examples of these items can include candles, crystals, or spiritual statues. You can also create a ritual to honor Elegua and thank the deity for its presence in your life. This will help to ensure that the deity leaves your life on a positive note.

Finally, you can take steps to block Elegua from coming back into your life. You can do this by placing protective charms in your home or wearing jewelry that is specifically designed to protect against Elegua. You can also use crystals such as black tourmaline or obsidian to create a barrier around your space.

By following these steps, you can get rid of Elegua from your life. It is important to remember that Elegua is a powerful deity and it is important to respect the deity and its presence in your life. By taking the time to understand why Elegua has been brought into your life, as well as performing a cleansing ritual and taking steps to block the deity from coming back, you can get rid of Elegua from your life in a respectful way.

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Elegua. – The Orisha of the roads. He who keeps the keys to the doors of prospety and poverty. He is also the Ashe keeper and also given to us. It the first we call when we.

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