How To Get Shoes In Mycareer 2k22

How To Get Shoes In Mycareer 2k22? WHERE TO BUY CLOTHES & SHOES IN NBA 2K22 CURRENT GEN — PS4In this video, I'll be showing you where to buy clothes (including suits) and shoes in. HOW TO GET FREE CLOTHES AND SHOES NBA 2K23 NEW 2K23 GLITCH WORKING NOW!!! #2k23 #nba2k23 #mycareer FREE NBA 2K22 PC HACKS:.

How To Get Shoes In Mycareer 2k22

MyCareer 2k22 is the latest installment of the popular NBA 2K video game series. As with previous versions, this game allows players to create their own character and customize them in various ways. One of the most important aspects of creating a successful MyCareer character is having the right shoes. Here are some tips to help you get the shoes you need in MyCareer 2k22.

The first step in getting shoes in MyCareer 2k22 is to find out what type of shoes you need. You can do this by checking the in-game store, which is accessible from the main menu. In the store, you’ll find a wide selection of shoes, including different types of shoes for different player positions. Once you know what type of shoes you need, you can look for them in the store.

Another way to get shoes in MyCareer 2k22 is to use in-game currency. You can earn currency by completing various tasks in the game, such as playing matches and completing challenges. This currency can then be used to purchase shoes from the store. You can also purchase shoes with real money, if you choose.

Finally, you can get shoes in MyCareer 2k22 by taking part in special events. These events often offer special rewards, such as shoes or other items. To find out when these events are taking place, you can check the in-game calendar. You can also check out the game’s official website for more information about upcoming events.

With these tips, you should now have a better idea of how to get shoes in MyCareer 2k22. Remember to check the in-game store and take part in events to get the shoes you need. Good luck and have fun!


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When do you get custom shoes in MyCareer? As the title says, in 2K21 i simply dont get any options or hints when will the custom shoes unlock, don't know how many fans, don't.

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