How To Lock Accordion Hurricane Shutters

How To Lock Accordion Hurricane Shutters? The key lock system is installed in most shutters. Do you do the same thing? You don’t have to lock your accordion shutters. In order to ensure home security, locks.

How To Lock Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion hurricane shutters are a great way to protect your home from strong winds and storm damage. But when you’re ready to lock them up for the season, you may be wondering how to do it correctly. It’s important to make sure the shutters are locked securely in order to keep your home safe from the elements. Luckily, locking accordion hurricane shutters is a simple process that requires minimal effort.

The first step to locking accordion hurricane shutters is to make sure all the panels are closed and latched. You should also check the locking mechanism to ensure it’s properly engaged. If any panels are open or the locking mechanism is not properly engaged, the shutters won’t be secure and could be blown open by strong winds.

Once all the panels are closed and the locking mechanism is engaged, you can begin locking the shutters. Start by unlocking the main latch on the bottom of the shutters. This will allow you to slide the lock bar into place. Slide the lock bar in and out until it is firmly in place. Make sure it is secure by tugging on it gently to make sure it won’t come loose.

Next, lock the top latch of the shutters. This will help to keep the shutters from blowing open during a storm. To do this, you will need a key or a combination lock. Insert the key or dial in the combination and twist it until the lock is securely in place. You can also use a padlock to secure the shutters.

Once the lock is in place, you’re done! Your accordion hurricane shutters are now locked and secure. If you ever need to open the shutters, simply unlock the lock and slide the lock bar out. Then, unlatch the top and bottom panels to open the shutters.

Locking accordion hurricane shutters is a simple process that can give you peace of mind knowing your home is secure. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure your shutters are locked securely and ready to withstand strong winds and storms.

Push Lock Demonstration for Hurricane Accordion Shutters

This video demonstrates how to use a push lock for an accordion shutter system. This is our most popular lock for our most popular hurricane protection product. Easily close your accordion shutters and push in the lock. Use the key to open the lock. No more scrambling to look for plywood or lugging around heavy storm panels to add onto your windows before a hurricane. Accordion shutters remain fixed onto your home for quick deployment. Call…

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