How To Make A Kandi Star

How To Make A Kandi Star? For this tutorial you will need to know how to make a kandi star. We connect 6 stars to make this cuff. If you wanted to make a crown you could only use 4 star. Step 1: Materials Here's what you'll need for this wonderful star Materials: Pony beads Scissors String ( I'm using embroidery floss but I recommend monofilament Add Tip Ask.

How To Make A Kandi Star

Kandi stars are a fun and easy way to add a little extra sparkle to any outfit. Kandi stars are made with colorful pony beads and are often worn to music festivals, raves, and other events. Making your own kandi stars is a great way to customize your accessories and show off your creativity. Below is a step-by-step guide to making your own kandi stars.

What You’ll Need:

  • Pony beads in various colors
  • Embroidery floss or thread
  • Scissors
  • Lighter


  • Cut a length of embroidery floss or thread about 1 foot long. Make sure to leave a bit of extra length so that you’ll have enough to tie off the star at the end.
  • Thread 2 pony beads onto the embroidery floss. Make sure they are facing the same direction and that they are close together.
  • Thread 3 more pony beads onto the floss. Make sure the ends of the beads line up with the first two beads.
  • Thread the floss through the two beads that were added in the last step. Make sure to pull the floss so that the two beads are snug against the first two beads.
  • Continue to thread the floss through the beads until you have 4 sides of the star. Make sure that each side has 3 beads and that the sides are all even.
  • Tie off the end of the floss and trim the excess. Apply a bit of heat with a lighter to prevent the thread from fraying.
  • Repeat the steps above to make additional kandi stars.

Making kandi stars is a fun and creative way to add a little extra bling to any outfit. With the right supplies and a few simple instructions, you can easily create your own kandi stars to take your outfit to the next level. Have fun and be creative with your designs!

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