How To Make Lightning Mcqueen Costume

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How To Make Lightning Mcqueen Costume

Lightning McQueen is a beloved character from the animated Pixar movie, Cars. If your child wants to dress up as this iconic character for a costume party or Halloween, there are a few steps you can take to make a Lightning McQueen costume. This guide will provide helpful tips for creating your own Lightning McQueen costume.

Materials needed:
– Red t-shirt
– Red pants or shorts
– Orange felt
– Yellow felt
– Black felt (optional)
– White felt (optional)
– Glue
– Scissors
– Iron-on adhesive
– Red baseball cap (optional)

Step 1: Begin by finding a red t-shirt and pair it with red pants or shorts. This is the base of your Lightning McQueen costume. You can also add a red baseball cap if desired.

Step 2: Cut two orange felt circles and two yellow felt circles. The orange circles should be slightly larger than the yellow circles. Glue the yellow circles onto the orange circles, then glue the orange circles onto the red t-shirt.

Step 3: Cut two black felt circles and glue them to the back of the t-shirt. This will create the “95” logo that appears on Lightning McQueen’s t-shirt.

Step 4: Cut two white felt circles and glue them to the front of the t-shirt. This will create the “Lightning McQueen” logo that appears on his t-shirt.

Step 5: Finally, use iron-on adhesive to attach the felt circles to the t-shirt. This will help them stay in place and make them more durable.

Creating a Lightning McQueen costume is a fun and easy way to show your child’s love for this beloved character. With a few simple materials and steps, you can create a costume that your child will be proud to show off. Just remember to use safety precautions when working with scissors and glue.

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