How To Program Sea Doo Key

How To Program Sea Doo Key? To program a new Sea-Doo key to your watercraft, you’ll probably pay something between $30 and $100. This number obviously varies depending on some factors like the model of. We program ANY 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke SeaDoo MPEM including GTX, GTI, XP, ECM, ECU, RFI, DI, and more! We also write down the hours stored, serial numbers and engine.

How To Program Sea Doo Key

Programming a Sea-Doo key is a simple process that you can do yourself. With the right tools, you can easily program a new key to your Sea-Doo in a few minutes. Here’s how to do it:

First, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies. You’ll need a new key, the Sea-Doo BRP key (available at most boat stores or online), and a 12-volt battery. Make sure the battery is fully charged before beginning. You may also need to purchase a key programmer, depending on the model of Sea-Doo you have.

Once you have the supplies, locate the Sea-Doo BRP key port. This is usually located in the front of the craft. Unscrew the two Phillips head screws holding the port cover in place, and remove the cover. Plug the Sea-Doo BRP key into the port.

Connect the 12-volt battery to the Sea-Doo BRP key. Once connected, the key will be ready to program. If your Sea-Doo model requires a key programmer, plug the programmer into the Sea-Doo BRP key port.

Now you’re ready to program your new key. Turn on the Sea-Doo BRP key and press the “Program” button. The Sea-Doo will prompt you to enter the key code. Enter the code and press “Enter.” Once the key is programmed, you can disconnect the 12-volt battery and reattach the port cover. Your new key is now ready to use.

If you have any issues, consult your Sea-Doo’s owner’s manual for more specific instructions. If you still have trouble, contact your local Sea-Doo dealer for assistance.

Programming a Sea-Doo key is an easy task that can be done at home. Gather the necessary supplies and follow the steps above to easily program a new key to your Sea-Doo in a few minutes. Once you’ve programmed your key, enjoy your day on the water with your new, secure key.

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