How To Put Discord On Speaker Iphone

How To Put Discord On Speaker Iphone? In this article, we’ll show you how to put Discord on your iPhone speaker. The first thing you’ll need to do is download the unofficial Discord app for iOS from. 1) Open the Discord app and go to your User Settings. 2) Scroll down and click on Voice & Video under App Settings. 3) In the Input Device drop-down menu, select your.

How To Put Discord On Speaker Iphone

If you are an iPhone user and want to put Discord on speaker, you are in the right place. Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat platform for gamers, but it is also widely used by others. To put Discord on speaker on your iPhone, you need to follow the steps below.

The first step is to open the Discord app on your iPhone. Once the app has opened, you will need to navigate to the settings tab, which can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. From the settings tab, you can select the “Voice & Video” option. This will open the voice and video settings page which allows you to adjust settings related to your microphone and speaker.

Once you have opened the “Voice & Video” settings page, you will need to scroll down until you find the “Output Device” option. This option allows you to select which speaker you want Discord to output audio to. By default, this is set to the “iPhone” option which means your audio will be output through the built-in speakers of your iPhone. To put Discord on speaker, you will need to select the “External Speaker” option.

Once you have selected the “External Speaker” option, you will need to connect the external speaker to your iPhone. This can be done either through a wired connection or via a wireless connection. Most external speakers will have instructions on how to connect them to your iPhone and it is important that you follow these instructions carefully.

Once your external speaker is connected to your iPhone, you can open the Discord app again. You should now see that the “Output Device” option has changed to the external speaker. This means that all audio output from the Discord app will now be played through your external speaker.

That’s it! You have now successfully put Discord on speaker on your iPhone. You can now enjoy all your favorite Discord conversations through the external speaker. Keep in mind that if you want to change the output device back to the built-in speakers, you can simply go back to the “Voice & Video” settings page and select the “iPhone” option.

How to Put Discord on Speaker All Devices

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