How To Put Graphite On Pinewood Derby Wheels

How To Put Graphite On Pinewood Derby Wheels? How to apply NyOil. Simply apply one drop to a pipe cleaner and insert into the wheel bore to lube the inside of the wheel. Rub off excess oil on your axles. Next, put only one drop. Official BSA pinewood derby wheels, precision lathed in 6 areas with added graphite coating make them light weight, friction-free and fast. Build a winning pinewood.

How To Put Graphite On Pinewood Derby Wheels

If you are looking to make your pinewood derby car go faster, you may want to consider putting graphite on the wheels. Graphite is a lubricant that can make the wheels spin more freely, thus increasing the speed of the car. Here is a guide to help you put graphite on your pinewood derby wheels.

First, you need to get all the necessary supplies. You will need graphite powder, an old toothbrush, a small paintbrush, and a bowl of water. You may also need sandpaper, depending on the condition of your wheels. It is important to have all the necessary supplies before you begin.

Second, you need to prepare the wheels. If the wheels are in good condition, you can skip this step. If not, then use the sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots. Be sure to get rid of any dust or debris that may be on the wheels.

Third, you need to put the graphite powder on the wheels. Use the old toothbrush to sprinkle the powder on the wheels. You want to be sure to cover the entire wheel with a thin layer of graphite. After you have done that, use the small paintbrush to spread the graphite evenly.

Fourth, you need to remove any excess graphite. Dip the toothbrush in the bowl of water and gently brush away the excess graphite from the wheels. Be sure to get rid of all the excess graphite and be careful not to damage the wheels.

Fifth, you need to let the wheels dry. After you have removed all the excess graphite, let the wheels dry for at least a few hours. Once the wheels are dry, you should be ready to race your pinewood derby car!

Putting graphite on pinewood derby wheels is a simple process that can help make your car go faster. Be sure to follow the steps above, and you should be able to get your wheels ready in no time. Good luck and have fun!

How to Add Graphite to your PineWood Derby Car

Learn how to add Graphite the professional way!

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