How To Say Drill In Spanish

How To Say Drill In Spanish? fire drill ( fay – uhr drihl ) noun 1. (general) a. el simulacro de incendio (M) We all had to stand outside during the fire drill, and it was raining. Todos tuvimos que quedarnos afuera. drill Mexican Spanish el taladro More Tools Vocabulary in Mexican Spanish American English Mexican Spanish axe el hacha glue el pegamento hammer el martillo ladder la. drill (also: gimlet, hand drill, auger) taladro {m} she's more at home with an electric drill than a sewing machine. está más en lo suyo con un taladro que con una máquina de. English to Spanish translation of “taladro“ (drill). Popular Spanish categories to find more words and phrases: A new category where you can find the top search.

How To Say Drill In Spanish
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Drilling is an important part of many tasks and activities, and learning how to say it in Spanish can be a useful tool for communicating. While the word in Spanish is quite different than the word in English, once you learn it you should have no trouble using it in conversation.

The Spanish word for drill is “taladro.” Drill is also sometimes used as a verb in Spanish, in which case it is “taladrar.” This verb is conjugated as any other verb would be, depending on who is performing the action. For example, if you were to say “I drill,” it would be “Yo taladro,” and if someone else were to say it, it would be “Él/ella taladra.”

If you are looking for a more specific term for a certain type of drill, there are a few you might come across. Here are some of the terms you might hear:

  • Taladro de Banco: This type of drill is typically a large, powerful drill that is mounted on a stand.
  • Taladro de Percusión: This type of drill is used to make holes in masonry, concrete, and other hard materials.
  • Taladro de Columna: This type of drill is similar to the bench drill but is mounted on a vertical column. It is typically used for larger tasks.
  • Taladro Eléctrico: This type of drill is powered by electricity and is commonly used for small tasks such as drilling into wood.

Learning how to say drill in Spanish is a great way to expand your Spanish vocabulary. While the word for drill is quite different than the English word, once you learn it you should have no trouble using it in conversation. Knowing the different types of drills can also be helpful when talking about specific tasks.

How to say drill, hole, saw, wrench in Spanish

Visit my Website – Download FREE eBook ☺︎ 🇪🇸 Learn Spanish – Spanish for foreigners Español lengua extranjera – ELE – Practiquemos Vocabulario Las herramientas – Parte 2 [Tools] – Un taladro – un agujero Con el taladro puedes hacer agujeros. – A drill – a hole With the drill you can drill holes. – Un serrucho – una sierra El serrucho y la sierra sirven para cortar – A saw The saw is used for cutting – Una…

Reverse translation for drill. taladro – drill, auger. barrena – drill, auger, gimlet, tailspin. ejercicio – exercise, practice. instrucción – education. entrenarse – to train, to spar (in.

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