How To Say I M Done In Spanish

How To Say I M Done In Spanish? Spanish Translation. hecho. More Spanish words for done. el hecho noun. complete, fact, deed, taken, factor, mature, issue, ready-made, point of fact, ready-to-wear, made-up.. It usually depends how you say it. If you want to say it like your done, example: I’m done with my work. Then you say: estoy listo/lista ya terminé He terminado If your. Pronounce this sentence as: “no AB-low es-PAHN-yol” You can also add the Spanish word for “sorry,” “disculpe” (dees-COOL-pay), at the beginning or end of this. I’m done eating right now. Quiero que sepas que he terminado de hablar. – I want you to know that I’m done talking. Empieza a hablar porque ya he terminado. – Start talking.

How To Say I M Done In Spanish

Learning a new language can be a challenging but rewarding experience. One of the most basic phrases you might want to learn when learning Spanish is how to say “I’m done”. Whether it’s a meal, a task, or a conversation, there are a few ways to express that you have finished in Spanish.

If you want to learn how to say “I’m done” in Spanish, here are a few phrases you can use.

  • He acabado. This is the most direct way to say “I’m done” in Spanish. It literally translates to “I have finished”.
  • Termine. This phrase also translates to “I’m done” or “I finished”.
  • Ya he terminado. This phrase conveys the same message as the first two, with the added emphasis of “already”.
  • Estoy listo. This phrase is used to say that you are ready, which can imply that you are done with whatever task you are doing.

Once you have learned the basics of how to say “I’m done” in Spanish, there are a few different ways to use the phrase in different contexts.

  • When finishing a meal. If you are done with your meal, you can say “He acabado” or “Ya he terminado mi comida” to let the waitstaff know you are finished.
  • When completing a task. If you are done with a task, such as a project or assignment, you can say “He acabado” or “Termine” to let whoever assigned the task know that you are finished.
  • When ending a conversation. If you are done talking to someone, you can say “Estoy listo” or “Ya he terminado” to politely let them know that you are done speaking.

Learning how to say “I’m done” in Spanish is a great way to start exploring the language. With these phrases in your vocabulary, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and efficiently in Spanish.

How to say Are you done in Spanish.

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