How To Say Sassy In Spanish

How To Say Sassy In Spanish? Spanish slang is often sassy, sometimes inexplicable and all around fun. El argot español suele ser atrevido, a veces inexplicable y muy divertido. Wearing something spunky and. Conclusion on Sassy in Spanish. Now that you have learned and understood the common ways of saying Sassy in Spanish is "descarado", it's time to. How to say sassy in Spanish? ˈsæs i sassy Would you like to know how to translate sassy to Spanish? This page provides all possible translations of the word sassy in the Spanish. Sassy in Spanish is: insolente; pícaro (a). How do you say sassy in Chinese? Sassy How do you say sassy in French? 'Impertinent' or 'insolent' are the equivalents of.

How To Say Sassy In Spanish

Saying sassy in Spanish can be a great way to add a bit of flair to your speech. Whether you want to be sassy when telling a funny story or when need to be a bit snarky in a response, there are a few ways to express sass in Spanish.

In terms of translations, there is no one word that is the exact equivalent to sassy. Instead, Spanish has a variety of words and phrases that can be used to express a sassy attitude.

Here are a few ways to say sassy in Spanish:

  • Juguetón, or juguetona, which translates to playful.
  • Rebelde, which translates to rebellious.
  • Descarado, which translates to brazen.
  • Provocativo, which translates to provocative.
  • Disoluto, which translates to dissolute.
  • Picante, which translates to spicy.

In addition to these words, there are several phrases you can use. For example, you might say “Es una broma sarcástica”, which translates to “It’s a sarcastic joke”. You could also say “No me creerás hasta que lo veas”, which translates to “You won’t believe it until you see it”.

If you want to add a bit of sass to your speech, you can also use body language and facial expressions. A raised eyebrow, a smirk, or a slight head tilt can all be used to express sass. Additionally, you can use a lower, slower tone of voice to communicate a hint of sass.

Finally, keep in mind that in some contexts, being too sassy can be seen as disrespectful. Make sure to use your sassy words and phrases in the right context and with the right people.

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How to say sassy in Spanish – Translation of sassy to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica. Example. sassy (also: cheeky) faltón {adj.} [coll.] (que falta al respeto) sassy (also: disrespectful, cheeky) igualado {adj.} [Mex.] [coll.] (irrespetuoso) sassy (also: cheeky, nervy) patudo.

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