How To Sno Seal Kinco Gloves

How To Sno Seal Kinco Gloves? Sno-Seal is used to waterproof leather goods. Here's how to apply it properly to my trusty Kinco gloves that I use daily all winter. G Gavin Nurick 184 followers More information. I like the kinco 1927KW with sno seal. triple bake will last a full season no problem. size up, and wear with smartwool liners. if your gloves are too tight they will cut circulation and. Do not heat beyond comfortable handling temperature of 120°F. Rub SNO-SEAL into leather liberally. The warm leather will melt the SNO-SEAL and draw it deep into the pores and.

How To Sno Seal Kinco Gloves

Kinco gloves are a popular brand of gloves used for a variety of purposes, ranging from gardening to skiing. If you own a pair of Kinco gloves, you may want to protect them from the elements by sno sealing them. Sno sealing your gloves will help keep them waterproof, warm and comfortable for many years to come. Here’s how you can sno seal your Kinco gloves.

Prepare the gloves

  • Clean the gloves with a damp cloth. Make sure to remove all dirt and debris from the gloves.
  • Let the gloves dry completely.
  • If the gloves are new, apply a thin layer of neatsfoot oil or leather conditioner to the leather to help soften it.

Apply the sno seal

  • Apply a thin layer of sno seal to the gloves. Make sure to cover all areas of the glove, including the seams and any exposed areas.
  • Allow the sno seal to dry for 24 hours.
  • Repeat the process two or three more times. The more layers of sno seal you apply, the better the waterproofing will be.

Finishing touches

  • After the final layer of sno seal has dried, buff the gloves with a soft cloth.
  • If any areas of the gloves remain dry, apply a thin layer of sno seal to those areas.
  • Allow the gloves to dry completely before wearing.

Sno sealing your Kinco gloves is a simple and effective way to protect them from the elements. The process is relatively straightforward and can be done at home with minimal effort. With proper care and maintenance, your Kinco gloves can last for many years to come.

How to Sno-Seal your Kincos

Kincos are some of the most economical, and most durable gloves on the market. Each pair of gloves come with a packet of Nikwax. Although Nikwax is a great waterproofing product, we have found a superior solution to prolong the life of your gloves or mitts. The product is called Sno-Seal by Atsko. In this video, we cover how to properly apply Sno-Seal to your gloves or mitts. …

Warming the gloves opens the pores in the leather and allows the Sno-Seal to soak in and be absorbed like old lady slathered in tanning oil. 3.) After five minutes remove the gloves.

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