How To Start Dodge Caravan Without Key Fob

How To Start Dodge Caravan Without Key Fob? To unlock your Dodge Caravan with a dead key fob, here’s what you need to do: Look for the small sliding latch on the top of your key fob. Slide the latch to the side,. It’s not possible to start a car without the chip key. Try starting it with a mobile app, or call the on-road assistance service provided by your car’s manufacturer. The only. Seven alternative ways to drive without a key fob! 1. Mobile app access: Most modern cars these days allow you to control various functions of the car using a mobile app. Of.

How To Start Dodge Caravan Without Key Fob

If your key fob is not working or you have lost it, don’t worry. There are still several ways you can start your Dodge Caravan without it. Here are some easy steps to help you start your car without a key fob.

Using The Mechanical Key

If your Dodge Caravan is equipped with a mechanical key, you can use it to start the car. To get to the mechanical key, you will need to find the emergency key release slot usually located near the driver or passenger side door handle. Insert your key into the slot and the mechanical key will be released. Take the mechanical key and insert it into the ignition switch to start your car.

Using The Spare Key Fob

If you have a spare key fob, you can use it to start your car. Make sure the spare key fob is close to the vehicle, then press the unlock button on the fob. This will activate the car’s immobilizer system, allowing you to start the car. Once the immobilizer system is activated, you can insert the key fob into the ignition switch and start the car.

Using The Valet Key

Your Dodge Caravan may also come with a valet key. This key is usually stored in the glove compartment. To use the valet key, take it out and insert it into the ignition switch. Then turn the key to start the car. The valet key will only work in the ignition, so it will not open the doors or trunk.

Using The Ignition Lock Cylinder

In some models of Dodge Caravan, you can also use the ignition lock cylinder to start the car. To do this, insert the key into the ignition lock cylinder and turn the key in a clockwise direction. Then press the start/stop button and the car will start. Be sure to turn the key back to the “off” position before removing it from the ignition lock cylinder.

Starting your Dodge Caravan without a key fob is not difficult if you know the right steps. Whether you use the mechanical key, spare key fob, valet key, or the ignition lock cylinder, you can get your car started without any issues. Just follow the steps outlined above and you will be able to start your car without any trouble.


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