How To Use Mining Modules Star Citizen

How To Use Mining Modules Star Citizen? Mining modules are sub-components that provide a small boost to the mining laser module equipped in mining crafts. In return, they decrease other stats and wear out. You can set a hot key, I believe, in the key bindings to activate modules. Additionally in a Prospector while mining you can press F key and look up to the control panel to activate. This video provides a detailed guide to Mining ores in Star Citizen using the MISC Prospector, surveying tips to help you locate mineable ore deposits on planet.

How To Use Mining Modules Star Citizen

Mining modules are an essential part of the game Star Citizen, allowing players to mine resources from asteroids and other objects in the game environment. Mining is an important part of the game and a valuable way to get resources in the game universe. Here is a guide on how to use mining modules in Star Citizen.

The first step is to acquire a mining module. Mining modules can be acquired from various sources in the game, such as the galactic market, or purchased from other players. The type of mining module you need will depend on the type of resource you are looking to mine. For example, if you are looking to mine minerals, you may need a mineral mining module.

Once you have acquired your mining module, you will need to equip it to your ship. You can do this by accessing the ship’s equipment menu and selecting the mining module you wish to equip. Once the module is equipped, you will be able to access it in your ship’s inventory. You can also access the module in the ship’s systems menu.

Now it’s time to find a suitable asteroid or other object to mine. You can find asteroids and other objects by using your ship’s radar. Once you have located a suitable asteroid, you will need to approach it and activate the mining module. This will allow you to initiate the mining process and start collecting resources from the asteroid.

Once you have collected the resources, you will need to store them in your ship’s cargo hold. You can do this by accessing your ship’s cargo menu and selecting the resources you wish to store. Once the resources are stored in the cargo hold, you can move on to the next asteroid and repeat the process.

In order to make the most out of your mining adventure, you may wish to upgrade your mining module. This can be done by accessing the ship’s systems menu and selecting the mining module you wish to upgrade. Upgrading your mining module will give you access to more powerful mining tools and allow you to mine more efficiently.

Finally, you will need to refine the resources you have collected. This can be done by accessing the ship’s refinery menu and selecting the resources you wish to refine. Once the resources have been refined, they can be sold for in-game currency or used to craft items and equipment.

Using mining modules in Star Citizen is a great way to acquire resources and make your way around the game universe. By following the steps outlined above, you should be able to get the most out of your mining adventures and make the most of the resources available to you.

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