How To Use Tranq Arrows Ark

How To Use Tranq Arrows Ark? I can craft a bow and tranq arrows, but im unable to shoot them. I can only shoot stone arrows. I've tryed to put stone arrows away, but even while having only tranq. The Tranquilizer Dart is a type of Torpidity-raising ammunition for use in a Longneck Rifle. Upon impact, the Tranquilizer Dart deals 26 base damage to the target, which increases. Tranquilizer Arrow Command (GFI Code) The admin cheat command, along with this item's GFI code can be used to spawn yourself Tranquilizer Arrow in Ark: Survival Evolved.. Tranq Arrow Bow: 20 1 40 50 90 90 Tranq Arrow Compound Bow: 27 1 54 67.5 121.5 121.5 Tranq Arrow Crossbow: 35 1 70 87.5 157.5 157.5 Tranquilizer Dart Longneck Rifle: 26 3.

How To Use Tranq Arrows Ark

Tranq arrows are an incredibly useful tool in Ark: Survival Evolved, allowing players to easily knock out and tame large creatures. These arrows are a great way to help build your tribe, but they can be difficult to use. In this article, we’ll show you how to properly use tranq arrows and become a master in no time.

The first step is to make sure you have the right tools. You’ll need a longneck rifle, tranq arrows, and a means to heal the creature once it is knocked out. The longneck rifle is necessary to fire the arrows, while the tranq arrows themselves are crafted using narcotic, a rare resource. Finally, you’ll need either Stimberries or Narcoberries to heal the creature once it is knocked out.

Once you have all the necessary tools, it’s time to start taming. First, you’ll need to find a creature and get it to follow you. You can do this by either luring the creature with food or simply running away and leading it somewhere. Once the creature is following you, you’ll need to keep it in range of your longneck rifle. This can be done by either running away and stopping occasionally, or by running in circles around the creature.

Now it’s time to fire the tranq arrows. When you fire a tranq arrow, you want to make sure it hits the creature in its torso, as this will ensure it is knocked out. Aim for the chest or the head, and try to fire as many arrows as possible. The more arrows that hit, the faster the creature will be knocked out. Make sure to keep your distance, as the tranq arrows can also damage the creature if they hit too close.

Once the creature is knocked out, you’ll need to quickly heal it. This can be done using either Stimberries or Narcoberries. Stimberries will heal the creature faster, while Narcoberries will heal it slower but more effectively. After the creature has been healed, you can begin the taming process. This process will take some time, so make sure to keep an eye on the creature to make sure it doesn’t wake up.

Once the creature is fully tamed, you can give it a name and begin to take advantage of its abilities. Tranq arrows are a great way to quickly and easily knock out and tame creatures, and can be a real asset to your tribe. With a little practice, anyone can learn to use tranq arrows and become a master in no time.

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