Mika Micky Bassinet How To Fold For Travel

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Mika Micky Bassinet How To Fold For Travel
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Traveling with an infant can be difficult, but having a Mika Micky Bassinet can help make it much easier. Before you travel, you’ll need to fold up your Mika Micky Bassinet for easy storage and transportation. This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to properly fold your Mika Micky Bassinet.

Before you begin folding, make sure to clear your bassinet of any items that could be damaged while folding. This includes the mattress, sheets, and any other items that may have been placed inside the bassinet. Once everything has been cleared out, proceed with the following steps:

  • Turn the bassinet onto its side, so the bottom of the bassinet is facing up.
  • Lift the bottom of the bassinet to the center, allowing the two sides to meet in the middle.
  • Fold the sides inwards, so the bassinet is facing inwards.
  • Flip the bassinet onto its other side and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  • Once both sides are folded inwards, fold the side walls together.
  • Fold the bassinet in half, making sure all the sides and walls are tucked in.
  • Secure the bassinet with the straps or buckles provided.

Once the bassinet is properly folded, you can safely store it in a travel bag or suitcase. Make sure the bag or suitcase is big enough to fit the bassinet and that it’s secure enough to prevent any shifting during transport.

Folding the Mika Micky Bassinet for travel is relatively easy and can save you a lot of space in your bag or suitcase. With the right steps, you can fold your bassinet in no time and be on your way.

Mika Micky Disassembly video

Mika Micky Disassembly video

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