Tropico 6 How To Get Rich Tourists

Tropico 6 How To Get Rich Tourists? Tourism Metropolis or How to Get Rich People – Tropico 6 2,198 views Aug 7, 2019 The first two ages are over… now it is time to build THE empire of tourism! El. Tourists will arrive from a dock/airport, go to a hotel, go to the entertainment/tourist building with the highest quality that appeals to their preferences, then back to the.

Tropico 6 How To Get Rich Tourists
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Tropico 6 is a construction and management simulator game, where you take control of a tropical island nation as its leader. You have to build and manage various buildings, manage the economy and population, and maintain your power with a variety of strategies and tactics. One way to make money in the game is to attract rich tourists to your island. Here’s a guide on how to get rich tourists in Tropico 6.

First, you need to create a perfect environment for your tourists. Make sure your island is clean and tidy, and that all the buildings are well-maintained. You can also build leisure facilities, like a beach or a pool, to give your tourists something to do.

Second, you need to create a good public transportation system. This will make it easier for tourists to get around your island. You can build roads, railways, and even airports to make your island more accessible.

Third, you need to advertise your island. You can create advertising campaigns to attract more tourists to your island. You can also use social media and other online platforms to spread the word about your island.

Fourth, you need to provide good services to your tourists. You can build hotels, restaurants, and other amenities to make sure that your tourists have a good experience when they visit your island.

Finally, you need to make sure that your island is secure. You can build and upgrade your military bases to make sure that your island is safe from any potential threats.

By following these steps, you can get rich tourists to visit your island in Tropico 6. To learn more about the game, check out the official Tropico 6 website here.

Tropico 6. Concrete Beach. How to Bring Rich Tourists to Tropico.

In your Tourist Port, change the workmode to Luxury Liner. The game does not explain this at all. If you leave the Tourist Port in its default workmode, Economy Liner, no rich tourists will ever come to Tropico and you will be unable to complete the mission. This is an example of poor game design by Limbic Entertainment, Tropico 6's developer.

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