Winter Juicing and New Friendships

Eeek! How is it that we are nearing the end of January already? I ended off last year with a cold and started this year off with a root canal. I figure it can only get better from there, right?

I am not one for resolutions nor am I generally inspired to make changes in the dead of winter. This year was different and while I didn’t make any resolutions per say I felt ready for a new beginning when January rolled around. A clean slate, new possibilities, new connections and the promise of renewed inspiration.

I am continually amazed at food’s ability to bring people together, to build community and connections. Rewind to December when I attended a beautiful tea party on a Sunday afternoon. A good friend of mine Michelle, who is an incredible chef and the sweetest person you will ever meet, hosted a tea party to bring all the amazing and talented women in her life together and spoil us with delicious food.

It was that day that I met her friend Issha of Flattened to Fit Paper who also happens to love food and is a talented artist, food photographer and graphic designer. Of course I was curious to meet her and learn what she is up to with food and photography. We decided to collaborate on a project and settled on juicing. Something bright and fresh for the dark days of winter. We spent a good part of a day in her kitchen making juice, taking photos, drinking juice and chatting. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day.

It is always inspiring to get out from behind these four walls and create in someone else’s kitchen and workspace. Different light, a new perspective and the sharing of ideas. You can see the other half of the creative process and Issha’s beautiful post over on her blog. I love to see this day captured through her lens and creative mind.

We tried four different juices. The run away winner was a combination Issha created inspired by far sunnier climates. It was fresh pineapple, apple, mint, Thai basil, calamansi (the cutest little limes from the Philippines that taste like lime and tangerine), and a healthy amount of ginger. So tasty I was still thinking about it this morning at breakfast.

The runner up was a pretty pink juice of pink grapefruit, pear and ginger. If it was up to me I think I would put ginger in every juice and we nearly did. We also did a blood orange, carrot and ginger and a cucumber, mint, lime and apple. All of which were delicious.

I don’t own a juicer so it was a real treat to indulge in so much fresh juice. I can see how people become addicted. Perhaps one day if I have an orchard and big garden I will invest in a juicer! Until then I will rely on the kindness of others.

This was a fun first post and collaboration for the new year. A big thank you to Issha for juicing 101 and a fun afternoon in the kitchen. I look forward to more collaborations and creative projects in the months to come.

I feel all prepped and ready for a trip to Kauai early next month where I plan to indulge in plenty more citrus and pineapples.

Wishing you an inspired and tasty 2014!

Juice Combinations

Pineapple Dreams: (12 oz)

1/2 a medium pineapple (skin and core removed)
1 apple

juice of 5 calamansi (or juice of 1/2 a lime)

handful of fresh mint leaves

handful of thai (or regular) basil

large thumb of fresh ginger

Pretty in Pink: (16 oz)

2 ripe pears

2 large pink grapefruit

thumbs worth of fresh ginger

Bloody Good: (12 oz)

4 regular sized carrots

2 large blood oranges

thumbs worth of ginger

Cool as a Cucumber: (12 oz)

1 large English cucumber

2 apples

handful of fresh mint

juice of 1/2 a lime

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